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[Art] X-Files Art Prints for Sale!


I’m currently taking orders for a run of X-Files art prints!  For a limited time, I’ll be taking orders for 8″ x 10″ glossy prints based on some of my X-Files art. This run will be hand-signed in metallic ink and mailed out directly from me.

Featured Prints:

Prints - Set 1

(If there’s another existing work of mine that you’d like to see as a print, I may be able to do that, too–just let me know and I’ll see if it’s high enough resolution for printing.)

Note that I am based out of the US and all prices will be listed in US dollars. Payment will be accepted via PayPal.

$10 each or 3 for $25

Add-On Items: 
I have some stickers left over from X-Fest that I’m selling for $2 each. If interested, message me for my current inventory!

United States – $2.00
Canada – $3.50
Mexico – $5.50
Other Countries – See note below.

Please note that shipping costs outside of North America may be very high (for instance, it’s almost $15.00 for me to ship to Brazil), but if someone outside of North America really wants a hand-signed print, please message me for a shipping estimate, and I will be happy to get one for you. However, after this initial run of hand-signed prints, I will be making these prints available for sale on Redbubble at roughly the same price, so this may allow for a much cheaper shipping option for people in some locations, as Redbubble has shipping offices in multiple countries. This may also be a better option for those who wish to combine print orders with other Redbubble items or for those who are unable to pay with PayPal.

If interested in ordering hand-signed prints, please comment on my print order post or DM me at @RainKnight on Twitter.

If you miss the first run of hand-signed prints and would prefer that to the on-demand print on Redbubble, I will likely do additional runs once I have new prints for sale.

Redbubble Shop:
On-demand prints will be available on Redbubble after the initial run of hand-signed prints. This post will be updated once they are available. Stickers and other items featuring this artwork will also be available to purchase there.

Thank you for your interest in my art!

– Karen

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