[Art] I Want to Believe – “The Doctor”

No, not that Doctor, but who are we kidding, Scully will always be my Doctor.

One thing I liked about I Want to Believe was seeing Scully in her new role as a doctor at Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital.  It’s the life she had originally set out for before deciding to join the FBI, and a life she had sometimes pondered over the course of the series.  But in practice, we see her viewed as a bit of an outcast at the conservative Catholic hospital, where her decision to use stem cell therapy to treat a seriously ill child is looked down upon by her colleagues and the boy’s parents.  It kind of parallels Mulder’s reputation at the FBI, only it’s her science rather than supernatural beliefs that put her at odds with her religious peers.  Brilliant and successful, but never quite fitting in.



(Also, this is totally new art, just finished yesterday, and not something from 10 years ago.  Yay!)

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