[Memorabilia] McFarlane Toys – The X-Files: Fight the Future Action Figures

Back in May of 1998, McFarlane Toys released a set of Fight the Future action figures in anticipation of the upcoming X-Files movie. The figures featured a couple of different versions of Mulder and Scully along with the more viscous version of the aliens introduced by the movie (spoilers, guys!) and a few of the aliens’ victims. These 6-inch figures were generally sold either in blister packs of two characters (usually either Mulder or Scully with an alien or victim), or one character and a larger accessory, though there was also a boxed set that featured Mulder, Scully, and the Attack Alien. In the US, the figures were sold in toy or specialty stores, such as Toys R’ Us, Suncoast, and Sam Goody.  There are a couple of different packaging variants and character configurations.

Figures included:  

AGENT DANA SCULLY (in suit with FBI badge and cell phone accessories)
AGENT FOX MULDER (in suit with FBI badge and flashlight accessories)
AGENT SCULLY (dressed in arctic gear with cell phone accessory)
AGENT MULDER (dressed in arctic gear with flashlight accessory)
ATTACK ALIEN (version of alien with teeth and claws exposed)
DOCILE ALIEN (articulated alien without teeth exposed)
PRIMITIVE MAN (cave man from the beginning of the movie who was somehow found more deserving of an action figure than Skinner, CSM, or WMM…)
FIREMAN WITH CRYOLITTER (alien cryolitter and fireman victim with translucent skin that reveals a small alien gestating inside)
HUMAN HOST AND CRYOPOD CHAMBER (translucent human body inside alien ice pod thingy)
VICTIM IN BODY BAG AND GURNEY (rubbery human victim wrapped up in a white body bag on a gurney accessory)

The figures feature some minor articulation in the arms and neck but are otherwise fairly stiff.  The victims were created with a translucent rubbery material that is flexible and reminiscent of the bodies in the movie, though those figures feature no true articulation (but they’re dead, so I guess that’s fine).  Antarctica Scully is wearing boots that match Mulder’s, though I don’t think she ever actually had any in the movie, since she was pretty much just dressed in Mulder’s outer layer of clothes.

There are a couple of packaging variants.  Some are labeled as “Series One,” though I’m not sure if all of the characters were part of it or if some were released later, since they all seemed to be release around the same time.  The same characters can also be found without the “Series One” label.  Not sure if this was due to regional differences or if another series was originally planned and then never produced.  The back of the “Series One” packaging featured dramatically lit photographs of the standard Mulder and Scully figures with character profiles and some promotional text from the teaser (similar to what was used in the movie trailer).  The variant packaging (with one rounded corner) features the other figures with short descriptions and also advertises the movie’s soundtracks and the X-Files Fan Club at the bottom.

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