Season 1 (1993 – 1994)

(1×79) Pilot
(1X01) Deep Throat [Episode]
(1X02) Squeeze
(1X03) Conduit
(1X04) The Jersey Devil
(1X05) Shadows
(1X06) Ghost In The Machine
(1X07) Ice
(1X08) Space
(1X09) Fallen Angel
(1X10) Eve
(1X11) Fire
(1X12) Beyond The Sea [Script Watch]
(1X13) GenderBender [Episode]
(1X14) Lazarus
(1X15) Young At Heart
(1X16) EBE
(1X17) Miracle Man [Episode]
(1X18) Shapes
(1X19) Darkness Falls
(1X20) Tooms
(1X21) Born Again
(1X22) Roland
(1X23) The Erlenmeyer Flask

Season 2 (1994 – 1995)

(2X01) Little Green Men
(2X02) The Host
(2X03) Blood [Episode]
(2X04) Sleepless
(2X05) Duane Barry
(2X06) Ascension
(2X07) 3 [Art]
(2X08) One Breath
(2X09) Firewalker
(2X10) Red Museum
(2X11) Excelsis Dei
(2X12) Aubrey
(2X13) Irresistible
(2X14) Die Hand Die Verletz
(2X15) Fresh Bones
(2X16) Colony
(2X17) End Game
(2X18) Fearful Symmetry
(2X19) Død Kalm
(2X20) Humbug
(2X21) The Calusari
(2X22) F Emasculata
(2X23) Soft Light
(2X24) Our Town
(2X25) Anasazi

Season 3 (1995 – 1996)

(3X01) The Blessing Way
(3X02) Paper Clip
(3X03) DPO
(3X04) Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose
(3X05) The List
(3X06) 2Shy
(3X07) The Walk
(3X08) The Oubliette
(3X09) Nisei
(3X10) 731
(3X11) Revelations
(3X12) War of the Coprophages
(3X13) Syzygy
(3X14) Grotesque
(3X15) Piper Maru
(3X16) Apocrypha
(3X17) Pusher
(3X18) Teso dos Bichos [Art]
(3X19) Hell Money
(3X20) Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’
(3X21) Avatar
(3X22) Quagmire
(3X23) Wetwired
(3X24) Talitha Cumi [Art]

The X-Files: The Game [PC/Mac/PS1 Game] (1998/1999)

(3×99) Agrippa

Season 4 (1996 – 1997)

(4X01) Herrenvolk
(4X03) Home
(4X04) Teliko
(4X02) Unruhe
(4X05) The Field Where I Died
(4X06) Sanguinarium
(4X07) Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man
(4X09) Tunguska
(4X10) Terma
(4X08) Paper Hearts
(4X11) El Mundo Gira
(4X14) Leonard Betts
(4X13) Never Again
(4X15) Memento Mori
(4X12) Kaddish
(4X16) Unrequited
(4X17) Tempus Fugit [Art]
(4X18) Max
(4X19) Synchrony
(4X20) Small Potatoes
(4X21) Zero Sum
(4X22) Elegy
(4X23) Demons
(4X24) Gethsemane

Season 5 (1997 – 1998)

(5X02) Redux
(5X03) Redux II
(5X01) Unusual Suspects
(5X04) Detour
(5X06) Post-Modern Prometheus
(5X05) Christmas Carol
(5X07) Emily
(5X08) Kitsunegari
(5X09) Schizogeny
(5X10) Chinga
(5X11) Kill Switch
(5X12) Bad Blood
(5X13) Patient X
(5X14) The Red And The Black
(5X15) Travellers
(5X16) Mind’s Eye
(5X17) All Souls
(5X18) The Pine Bluff Variant
(5X19) Folie à Deux
(5X20) The End [Art]

The X-Files [Movie] (1998)

Fight the Future [Art 1] [Art 2] [Art 3] [Script Watch]

Season 6 (1998 – 1999)

(6X01) The Beginning
(6X02) Drive
(6X03) Triangle
(6X04) Dreamland
(6X05) Dreamland II
(6X08) How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
(6X06) Terms Of Endearment
(6X07) Rain King
(6X10) SR 819
(6X09) Tithonus
(6X11) Two Fathers
(6X12) One Son
(6X14) Agua Mala
(6X15) Monday
(6X13) Arcadia
(6X16) Alpha
(6X17) Trevor
(6X18) Milagro
(6X20) The Unnatural
(6X19) Three Of A Kind
(6X21) Field Trip
(6X22) Biogenesis

Season 7 (1999 – 2000)

(7X03) The Sixth Extinction
(7X04) The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati
(7X01) Hungry
(7X05) Millennium
(7X06) Rush
(7X02) The Goldberg Variation
(7X07) Orison
(7X08) The Amazing Maleeni
(7X09) Signs & Wonders
(7X10) Sein Und Zeit
(7X11) Closure
(7X12) X-Cops
(7X13) First Person Shooter [Art]
(7X14) Theef
(7X15) En Ami [Episode]
(7X16) Chimera
(7X17) all things
(7X19) Brand X
(7X18) Hollywood AD
(7X20) Fight Club
(7X21) Je Souhaite
(7X22) Requiem [Art]

The X-Files: Resist or Serve [PS2 Game] (2004)

(7×97) Renascence
(7×98) Resonance
(7×99) Reckoning

Season 8 (2000 – 2001)

(8X01) Within
(8X02) Without
(8X04) Patience
(8X05) Roadrunners
(8X06) Invocation
(8X03) Redrum
(8X07) Via Negativa
(8X09) Surekill
(8X10) Salvage
(8X12) Badlaa
(8X11) The Gift
(8X13) Medusa
(8X08) Per Manum
(8X14) This Is Not Happening
(8X15) DeadAlive
(8X18) Three Words
(8X17) Empedocles
(8X16) Vienen
(8X19) Alone
(8X20) Essence
(8X21) Existence

Season 9 (2001 – 2002)

(9X01) Nothing Important Happened Today
(9X02) Nothing Important Happened Today II
(9X03) Dæmonicus
(9X05) 4-D
(9X06) Lord Of The Flies
(9X08) Trust No 1
(9X07) John Doe
(9X04) Hellbound
(9X10) Provenance [Art]
(9X11) Providence [Art]
(9X13) Audrey Pauley
(9X09) Underneath
(9X14) Improbable
(9X12) Scary Monsters
(9X15) Jump The Shark
(9X17) William
(9X16) Release
(9X18) Sunshine Days
(9X19-9X20) The Truth

The X-Files: I Want to Believe [Movie] (2008)

I Want to Believe [Art]

Season 10 (2016)

(10×01) My Struggle [Art]
(10×05) Founder’s Mutation
(10×03) Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster
(10×02) Home Again
(10×04) Babylon
(10×06) My Struggle II

Season 11 (2018)

(11×01) My Struggle III [Episode… rant?]
(11×02) This [Art 1] [Art 2] [Art 3] [Art 4] [Art 5]
(11×03) Plus One
(11×04) The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat
(11×05) Ghouli
(11×06) Kitten
(11×07) Rm9sbG93ZXJz [Comic] [Art 1] [Art 2]
(11×09) Familiar
(11×08) Nothing Lasts Forever
(11×10) My Struggle IV



IDW Season 10 [Comic] (2013 – 2015)

(10×01-10×05) Believers
(10×06-10×07) Hosts
(10×08) Being for the Benefit of Mr. X
(10×09) Chitter
(10×10) More Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
(10×11-10×15) Pilgrims [Speculation]
(10×16-10×17) Immaculate
(10×18) Monica & John
(10×19-10×20) G-23
(10×21-10-x25) Elders

IDW Season 11 [Comic] (2015 – 2016)

(11×01) Cantus
(11×02-11×04) Home Again
(11×05) My Name is Gibson
(11×06-11×08) Endgames

X-Files Script Inventory

*Episodes are listed in order of air date, which is considered to be the intended viewing order. Games are listed after the season in which they take place (with the first game fitting in toward the end of Season 3 and the second game fitting in toward the beginning of Season 7). Movies and Comics are placed chronologically. I’m also covering the X-Files Season 10/Season 11 comics, which had been considered semi-canon before the 2016 Event Series, though the series’ continuation has since negated that (however, these comics were used as the basis for the 2017 X-Files audio dramas, “Cold Cases” and “Stolen Lives”). I’m not sure if the games are considered canon, but they appear to operate within the show’s canon and involve the original cast and others who worked on the show, so I’m gonna go with it. Plus, they have episode numbers, so that’s cool.